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Poker, several types of tournaments possible and the choice is yours


Nov 21, 2020
Poker, several types of tournaments possible and the choice is yours

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you always have the possibility of winning money easily and having fun, because know that in the different online casinos you have several types of tournaments possible.

The Example for The Same

For example, if you are a beginner, free competition is the best option since the investments are small and you will find yourself facing competitors of the same level as you, equal opportunities are preferred. In addition, you can make money, but you will also open the door to more competitive and profitable competition. From the $5 free bonus no deposit required  you can expect the best results now.

  • For players accustomed to gaming platforms, the most attractive is the “sit and go” tournament, because there is no waiting or fuss. Indeed, as soon as the maximum number of players is reached, the game can begin. You just have to debate the towers at every opportunity; but unlike Freerolls, the cellar will be higher.
  • In addition, the multi-table game is the most difficult tournament but open to all. They are organized by casinos which invite professional and amateur players. The entry fee depends on the situation and the same goes for the pot. Here, regardless of the number of participants, the date of the tournament is always communicated. On the other hand, if you are an amateur, this type of tournament could be risky, because you can find yourself at the same table as an expert in poker.

Before you start downloading poker software and even registering with an online poker site, you should at least know the rules of poker. We don’t pretend to teach you complete mastery of the game, but at least guide you through it.

Card combinations in poker

  • Height: 5 different cards, the highest card is the ace
  • The Pair: in the 5 cards of the combination, you have a pair
  • Double Pair: two pairs
  • Three of a kind: three cards of the same kind (explains: 5-7 in hand, 2 5 come out as community cards)
  • The Straight or the Straight: 5 consecutive cards
  • The ace has the particularity of serving as a low or high card for the straights: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10-jack-queen-king-ace insofar as the straight begins or ends with the ace
  • The Color or Flush: combination of 5 cards of the same symbol, i.e. 5 diamonds, 5 spades, 5 clubs
  • Full: three of a kind + a pair
  • The Straight Flush: continuation of the same symbol
  • The Royal Flush: continuation of the same symbol, but 10-jack-queen-king-ace with spades for example

The organization of the virtual poker table

SB or Small Blind or Petite Blind is the person just to the left of the Dealer on the table and must make a predefined bet before they even see their cards

BG or Big Blind or Big Blind: 

Just to the left of the SB, must always put a bet before seeing his cards, double the SB. This is the minimum bet if you wish to play on this round.


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