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A casino game that would make you feel nostalgic

ByJoseph E. Edwards

Jan 4, 2021

Casinos have been in business for a very long time. There were various sorts of games being played in the casinos. Some casinos have made their way into the modern world while some of them lost their way early. Some of the games were very popular and some of you might even remember playing them.

Such games are almost lost but you could still find too many online casinos. The main intention of keeping such games is to make the players feel nostalgic and come back to the casinos to experience it. You could experience such casino games in casino maxi giriş. Here is a list f some of the casino games which could bring back your good old days.

Casino War

Casino War is a game played in the early days. Looking at it now, you could feel that the game is a little boring as compared to the new exciting casino games. However, the rules of this game are pretty simple and were fun back in those days. In casino war, one card to deal with both the player ad the dealer, and then the dealer flips over both the card, and the person, who has the higher value of the card wins the round. This rule is also applied in the case of 3 cards as well.

Pineapple Poker

Poker has been an integral part of casinos and there have been numerous variations of the game. In the classic poker game, the players face each other. Whereas in pineapple poker, it was you against the house. This game requires proper knowledge of the basics of poker while having some effective strategy. This was a good game until the market was full of poker derivatives which saw the fall of this game.


Faro was similar to modern roulette which was played a lot of time ago. In faro, all thirteen spades were taken out from a deck and placed on a table. The values of the game ranged from the ace card, which was valued the lowest while the King card had the highest value. Bets are placed on the cards just as in modern roulette. Faro was a classic game until the 1960s after which the game wasn’t as profitable as it used to be. This made casinos remove from their casinos.


Some might of you could remember such games and would like to play them once again. You can do so in casino maxi giriş.

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