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Gambling Strategies for Online Casinos That Really Work

ByJenie Warn

Jul 14, 2021

It’s true that most people who regularly play in an online casino lose in the long run due to the lack of knowledge, strategy, and sometimes discipline in gambling. Some people believe that casino gaming is a surefire way to lose money in a snap. But what’s also true is that it’s possible to win in the casino, if done right. 

We ask the opinion of Mr. Ong, the CEO of WS88, a licensed singapore online casino site. He stated that  winning a few hundreds up to thousand dollars is always appealing to many bettors. That’s probably the reason why many continue to play despite the risks that come with it. 

Now, if you’re looking to be profitable in online casinos, then you’re in luck as there are online casino strategies you can use to increase your odds. Best of all, they do work!

Play with Games with the Lowest House Edge

Many casinos, both online and land-based ones, each casino game has a house advantage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s blackjack, roulette, or slot machines, they are rigged (not in the way you think)to give the casino some advantage. Also, there’s no way for you to overcome the house advantage. However, you can do things to minimize their effect, which in turn, increases your chances of winning.

“You should know that the house advantage is not the same for every casino. It can vary from low to high and obviously, it also depends on the game. This means that if you play a game with a low house advantage, your chances of winning will significantly increase. Some of these games are blackjack, baccarat, and poker.” Mr. Ong shared.

Your chances of winning will even be more significant if you can handle playing the game for a long time in a single session. Not only that, but there are also casino rewards to incentivize  people to play more casino games. Most land-based casinos offer player cards. These player cards will record the activity of the player and will issue comps based on your activity in the form of free drinks, accommodation, and even free chips.

Learn How to Play Each Game Optimally

Probably the most effective way of increasing your chances of winning at a singapore online casino site is learning how to play each game optimally. Of course, this doesn’t apply to games of chance but to games where your decision matters. 

In such games, there will be a decision that is mathematically correct. Making these decisions will inherently increase your advantage over the house to some degree, which in turn increases your chances of winning.

Video poker and blackjack are some of the games where your decision matters on the outcome. These games have a low house advantage and if you keep on making the right decisions, the house advantage will even be lower.

Learn Card Counting

The basic idea of card counting is to keep track of all the cards dealt to give yourself an idea of the cards that are left on the deck. There are certain cards that are of more use to the player than the house like tens and aces. With these cards, you’ll be able to identify some circumstances that will most likely make you win. That said, one thing you can do is to increase your stakes when the deck has a lot of tens and aces.

Learn Betting Systems

The concept of betting systems is the adjustment of your next bet on the basis of your previous bets’ wins and losses. Betting systems are progressive and are divided into positive and negative betting systems. Positive systems increase your stakes when you win and will go back to your base bet upon a loss. 

On the other hand, negative systems will keep on increasing your stakes and will go back to your base bet when you win. There are a lot of betting systems online and we recommend you to research about them further.


It goes without saying that when one decides to gamble, expect the highs and lows. You win some, you lose some. That’s the nature of betting. But of course, like what Mr. Ong said, there are reasons why strategies exist. We want to improve our winning chances, even for a small margin. Following the aforementioned strategies, you can do just that.

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