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Perfect Slot Betting With the Best Site

ByClare Louise

Mar 8, 2021

In the world of casinos, both online and offline, slots are undoubtedly the most popular, immediate, simple and fun game. In addition to this, they are also those able to ensure the most important prizes and do not require, like table games and cards, strategies and a great focus to win; just spin the reels and you are in full swing. At Brazino you can have the best options now.

So, the first question that might arise is this: is it better to play slots in a land-based casino, or in an online casino?

The classic slots, both real and virtual, offer a very simple style of play, where you basically focus on winning symbols, and they offer you a payout generally very consistent.

The video slots instead offer graphical animation and the latest generation, they have a very well developed theme and addictive game, plus a large number of special features that make this a very different experience from the one with the classic slot. It’s up to you to choose the slot that best suits your needs and mood.

From the first mechanical models, born at the end of the nineteenth century, slots have evolved a lot, up to the video slots that today, thanks to modern technologies, with random number generators and return to the player , allow you to play in a much more stimulating and with countless winning possibilities.

Each video slot consists of a certain number of paylines, on which you can place your bets and a large number of functions, which we will see in detail, such as ways to win, wild, scatter, cascading reels, free spins and bonus games.

Once you are aware of all these aspects, you can choose the slot that suits you best and create your own style of play.

History of slot machines

The first slot was invented in 1895 by an auto mechanic, Charles Fey, in San Francisco. It was a Liberty Bell slot, with 3 reels on which were painted spades, diamonds and hearts and the liberty bell, symbol of American independence. The maximum payout was 5 cents, or 10 nickels. This original slot can still be viewed at the Liberty Belle restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

Soon, the demand for the Liberty Bell slot became very large and Mr. Fay could not respond and did not even agree to contract the production, so he soon found himself crushed by competition from Herbert Mills, who began producing another type of slot at Chicago, Operator Bell, on which fruit symbols appeared for the first time. The first electric slot was an equestrian-themed slot called Paces Races, produced in 1934.

Classic slots or video slots?

The classic slots are designed on the footprint of the real casino slots, with the lever and falling coins. In the case of the online world, these slots are typically 3 reels and feature 10 paylines. They are usually a bit poor in terms of graphics and animation, but offer a classic and nostalgic style of play. They generally don’t feature free spins or bonus rounds, but on the other hand they have particularly generous payouts and jackpots!

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