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Some Common Superstitions & Origins Gambling

ByDanny White

Jul 2, 2021

Although they are undoubtedly illogical, gambling superstitions are extremely prevalent. Since a significant amount of chance is involved in casting a dice, playing an online gambling game such as Qiu Qiu Online or spinning the rubber wheel, if not so much in playing cards that take a great deal of decision-making and judgment, it seems fairly natural that superstition plays an important role. As a consequence of that bright individual’s, these illogical ideas frequently lead to incorrect choices. We try to show the most powerful theories here and shed some light on their origins to try to put them to rest once and for all.

Fingers crossed

This is a highly popular and famous superstition that is not only a casino or a playground. People cross their fingers when they hope for some result. In foggy times, the actual root of this belief is forgotten but is usually linked to human concerns about witches. Back in the Middle Ages, it was thought that by making the sign of the cross, we might watch witches. Paradoxically, it may also be an ancient pagan rite to wish someone well, “I will be holding my fingers crossed for you.” In any case, this illogical belief led to today’s superstition.

Salt spilling

You have planned your gambling night well, studied all the proper techniques, and have done 3 hours of meditation before going to the casino or just play an online gambling game like Qiu Qiu Online. You stop for your favourite dinner and spill the salt on your table. You may go home all this meticulous planning for nothing then! While you may chuckle at this, many superstitious players indeed take this extremely seriously. The genesis of this specific superstition is the Roman era when salt was a precious commodity that was frequently used to pay for the Empire’s troops. Therefore, it was not thought fortunate to spill, as you would upset the spirits of good fortune and goodwill. The only cure was to cast a pinch of salt with your right hand over your left shoulder. Thank you so much for it! If the Romans were good enough.

Dice blowing

The act of blowing on dice or cards before playing is another intriguing superstition that is common but not fully understood. This can readily be checked at any craps table in any casino in which you are astonished how many guests conduct this routine before they toss the dice. Although it seems to be a very benign superstition compared to many of the ones we discuss on the internet, this unique behaviour has two potential roots. The most intriguing option dates back to the beginning of gambling when players attempt to cheat by covering one side of the dice with an adhesive material. Other historians think this belief is derived from older street games and was just a cleansing procedure before tossing the dice. Or just try playing another game like a Qiu Qiu Online game?

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