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The Myths Behind the Online Lottery Game

ByDanny White

Jul 15, 2021

Myths in many online gambling games are far more common than what you think. In fact, even to this day, people tend to rely on these beliefs thinking it would do them some favor whenever the Singapore lottery result today goes live. Let’s take a good look at some of these myths.

Are there any truths to these or are they busted? Let’s find out!

Some lottery ticket stores are luckier than others

It has always been everyone’s impression that when a winner of a lottery bought his or her ticket in a particular store or ticket retail outlet, that store is considered lucky. People would want to simply emulate what the person who just won their million-dollar prize did.

The thing is, there is no such thing as “lucky stores”. Believe all you want but if there is one, how would you expect to buy tickets if these lucky ones are nowhere near your location. Furthermore, it would be ridiculous for these outlets to gain access to these so-called lucky tickets.

While multiple winners can still indeed come from a single store, it doesn’t make the store lucky. If you think about it, no store can even guarantee winners. The win and loss ratio will always tell you that lucky stores aren’t exactly real as many people would think.

The lottery is a tax

Another myth that has been said too many times by many is that the online lottery is nothing but a regressive tax. For these people, lotteries are a way to take more from low-income earners than those high-paid ones, that it’s all simply a tax to make the poor pay more of what they should.

This myth comes from the idea that only the low-income earners are the ones who play the lottery which is simply not true. While these people most certainly make up a good slice of the entire lotto player base, people of all classes do also play the lottery.

You’d be surprised by the number of people with wealthy status playing the lotto and gambling online in general. Even celebrities are no exception.

It’s impossible to win the lottery twice

While it’s clearly not going to be an easy task, it is not impossible. Winning the lottery more than once would require a tremendous amount of luck. Some people are extremely lucky to have won multiple 4D lotteries, some even winning a whopping 14 times!

Regardless of whether your win is big or small, a win is still a win. Of course, the higher the pool prize, the harder it gets to win the lotto. But never think that just because it’s unlikely and rare to see these kinds of people winning multiple times, that it would never happen to you.

Playing the lottery can lead to gambling addiction

There are simply no scientific studies to back this on. Playing or betting on the Singapore lottery does not lead you to gambling addiction. Not even in the slightest. Even previous findings and surveys point to the fact that lottery and compulsive gambling do not correlate in any way.

Similar to any other form of addiction, addiction to gambling is based on a combination of psychological and biological factors that are simply present in every online casino player or lottery Singapore bettor even before online gambling sites get involved.

Betting the same lottery numbers can increase your chances

The last piece of myth is the one many lottery players talk about. Many believe that picking the same set of numbers all the time improves your odds of winning. These players feel the comfort of playing the same numbers over and over. Not to mention, they think that at some point their “lucky” numbers would soon pay off.

While people have certainly won with their lucky numbers before, betting on the same set of numbers won’t do anything for you. If you think about it, all it ever does is consistency. All 4d results seem to show that all winning numbers are drawn randomly and doing this obviously busted myth won’t affect it.

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